Wholesale & Custom

As a Wholesale customer, we provide to you:              

  • 24/7 access to Wholesale Ordering                                                         
  • Point of Purchase sales materials
  • Display Photo and Samples upon request
  • Low Wholesale minimums
  • Private Labeling for your business
  • Mentions in our Social Media Marketing

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We also provide 3 Wholesale Seller Packages that have been planned for your success.  

  • Fit for any budget and comes with the tools you need to sell successfully.

Custom Fragrances & Containers

Need a custom fragrance?

Want us to fill your container with our candle?

We do that!

Simply choose the Custom Canister option under All Products, and choose your fragrance and ship it to us. We will ship the final product back to you!

And let us know what fragrance you would like your custom candle to smell like!

Contact us for a free Wholesale Account and for more information


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